WASH Alliance is awarded government grant of 51 M Euro


Fresh water access in GaralolOn November 1, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs published the results of the MFS2 funding scheme — a massive 5-year scheme with a total of over 2 billion Euro, which funds civil society organisations involved in development aid. The WASH Alliance, which consists of Akvo, AMREF, ICCO, Rain Foundation, WASTE, and lead agent Simavi, will receive 51 million Euro under the scheme. The amount is not quite final yet — in December the Dutch Government will examine the overall development aid budget and finalize the funding agreements.

The Alliance will work together with a broad network of partners in the Netherlands and abroad, including other NGO’s, businesses, institutions and governments. The money will fund projects aimed at the sustainable provision of water, sanitation and hygiene in 8 countries over the next 5 years. In total, the Dutch government will fund 74% of the total amount requested by the WASH Alliance, which was 68.6 million Euro.

Rolien Sasse, director of lead partner Simavi: “Given the large cuts in development aid budgets, we are extremely happy and proud with this result. Of course it will be tough to implement the 26% discount into our program, there are a number of countries that we can now not support. What is important is that we now can get to work with all the partners in the programme, and we will do our utmost to find additional funding.”