What makes a good project update?


Here are our six top tips on how to compose a great update that keeps people informed and interested about what’s going on with your project.

1. Tell the project’s story – what’s happening now?

2. Include a picture and/or a video – an update with an image is so much nicer than one without!

3. Be specific – include some details. Introduce us to the people involved.


4. Be brief – a picture and a caption are usually enough. Keep videos short: less than three minutes. You can read more on how to make simple, effective videos here, or watch this Spanish language video (click on the transcript button to see subtitles in English.)

5. Use natural language ‚Äì don’t worry if it’s not perfect, but avoid jargon and acronyms.

6. Keep it going! Post an update at least every two weeks.

Here’s an example of a nice video update from Ghana. This project in Bangladesh has had lots of regular updates recounting the highs and lows of trialling a new water technology in a village setting.

Jo Pratt is communications manager at Akvo