Akvo programmes – Spring 2013


I thought it would be timely to give everyone an overview of the range of programmes Akvo is supporting around the world, and which tools they’re using right now.

Dutch WASH Alliance
This five year Dutch development aid programme is valued at around 50 million Euro, and focuses on improving water, sanitation and hygiene in eight countries – Bangladesh, Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Nepal and Uganda. Partners include Simavi, AMREF, ICCO, RAIN and WASTE. The goal is to provide 2 million people with improved water and sanitation facilities.

The WASH Alliance has taken a distinctive approach to ensuring its interventions are sustainable – launching the FIETS sustainability model, which has since been adopted into policy in the Netherlands Рand included in other programmes such as Football for Water. Akvo has worked with around 100 field partner organisations to collect project information and we’ve supported these partners to simplify reporting from the field with Akvo RSR. In 2012 we delivered four workshops in four countries, and introduced Akvo FLOW through pilots in Nepal, Bangladesh and Kenya. We further developed our support materials and set up local support structures, including our East Africa hub. This year is the halfway point of the five year timeline. There will be a mid-term evaluation meeting in Bangladesh this summer. Akvo has worked with the consortium to roll out a website, in two phases. The latest version came online at the end of 2012. This year will see further rollout of Akvo FLOW, workshops in the remaining countries, introduction of the Openaid open data strategy and general support now the consortium is really powering forward with all its tools in place. As a result of the experience consortium partners gained while using RSR, Akvo has also signed contracts to roll out Akvo RSR and FLOW with ICCO, RAIN, AMREF and Simavi, covering projects beyond this programme. AMREF and Simavi have also introduced us to the SRHR Consortium, focused on sexual and reproductive health and rights, which we’re expecting to support in 2013. We’re also helping the alliance with communications strategy and implementation.

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Peter van der Linde is the partner director at Akvo. Drafted in conjunction with Mark Charmer.