The Making Of the WASH Alliance FIETS video


Abu and PaulEverything seems like a normal Thursday in Fort Portal, a town in Western Uganda. People commuting to work, kids dressed up in uniforms to go to school and the local market is set up to do business. Suddenly, a bike is passing by with a cameraman on the backseat, shooting images of the environment. Is it a new Nollywood film being shot? No, it involves the production of the FIETS video for the Dutch Wash Alliance!

After extensive preparation, a local camera crew from Africa Interactive, visited Fort Portal to produce images of WASH-related activities and interview key WASH stakeholders. 5 local stakeholders were interviewed to share general insights on each of the 5 aspects of FIETS. This footage will be edited and combined with a dynamic animation to produce a video that can explain the relevance of the FIETS approach to various (WASH) stakeholders.

The footage is currently spotted to select the strongest quotes and the animation is developed parallel by Africa Interactive’s creative team. Soon a sneak preview will be available.