DWA opens UN World Water Day with open sewage


This march, the celebration of UN World Water Day took place in The Hague, Netherlands. As WASH Alliance, we were asked to open this special day with an innovative act, with a surprise effect. Being offered this unique opportunity, we didn’t have to think twice. Immediately we started planning the reconstruction of an open sewage. In this setting we would invite the guests to experience our sustainable WASH solutions.



Weeks of assembling rubbish & bricks, inquiring about pool liners and gathering the most beautiful WASH pictures we could find, followed. With success! Friday the 22nd of March, we welcomed the high level guest of World Water Day with the smells of an open sewage; with a glass of cold purified water from the sewage and with in the background, the sounds of a typical african village. It is in this setting, that we invited the guests – from politicians to business leaders and from scientists to journalists – into the world of sustainable Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. How? A 10 meters long banner wall displayed six different situations where WASH solutions were looked upon from a FIETS sustainability point of view: financial, institutional, environmental, technological and social sustainability.


Are you interested in the WASH Alliance sustainability experience (including smell & sound)? Contact communication@washalliance.nl


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