WASH Alliance partner of Environmental Challenge


Every year, Reed Elsevier – a world leading provider of professional information solutions – organizes the Environmental Challenge. The Challenge is awarded to the two projects that best demonstrate how they can provide sustainable access to safe water where it is presently at risk and/or access to improved sanitation. Projects must have clear practical applicability, address identified need, and advance related issues such as health, education, or human rights.


Winners of the Environmental Challenge 2012


Reed Elsevier has asked the WASH Alliance to partner with them, and even to be on the jury. We are very proud that WASH Alliance’s Hanny Maas will represent us in expert panel of external judges. And even more that she can award a price to the third place entry on behalf of the WASH Alliance. There is a $50,000 prize for the first place entry and a $25,000 prize for the second place entry. The Award Ceremony will take place in September in Stockholm during the World Water Forum. Of course, we will be there to share our story and congratulate the winners. Read more on the Environmental Challenge.

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