Sanitation business videos


Together with Africa Interactive, WASTE produced three videos on sanitation businesses in Bangladesh, Ghana and Uganda. WASTE uses these videos in their Finance-trainings for local WASH Alliance partners and to show to financial institutions.

The videos can be viewed by clicking on the countries below or at the WASTE Vimeo page.

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Sanitation is a good business in Bangladesh. Financing of businesses working in this sector is quite difficult however. For households it is also very difficult to get loans to build a toilet. This video seeks to show the opportunities for banks. 
It gives examples of successful entrepreneurs who with the help of a loan were able to expand their business and even can offer their customers the option of paying in installments.

In this video people working in sanitation explain their businesses and the problems they encounter in doing their job. The video is being shown to bank people who realise that these people should get access to financial means, but might need some support in setting up business plans.

Sanitation entrepreneurs show how they work, and what problems they encounter during their work. 
It is clear that there is business in this sector and that the citizens are willing to pay for services rendered. This film is used in our trainings on finance and to show banks to show the bankability of businesses working in sanitation.

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