EWA partners exchange visit to Eco-san and Moringa


A team of 12 Ethiopia WASH Alliance (EWA) partners organization visited Moringa nursery (having 20,000 Moringa seedling) supported by HoAREC/N on 16 May, 2013. Moringa oleifera is a tree that purifies water that can be used for drinking. In addition to purifying water, options in access to drinking water to the local community are created and it also contributes to conserve the environment playing its role in addressing the E of FIETS. It is one of the innovative approaches in EWA.


On the same day, the team also visited eco-san in the target area of HoAREC/N where eco-san is being implemented. This improved sanitation technology is being piloted and expected to scale up in the communities in the area. This technology in addition is to improve the hygiene conditions. As compared to other improved latrines it has the advantage of using rural land more efficiently as the community can land for agricultural purposes, which is not the case for other type of latrines. Moreover, when the land is filled people can plant fruit trees which brings income for the household. The technology is expected to benefit the rural communities in the areas where it is being implemented (HoREC/N in this case).


Tamene Chaka is country coordinator of the Ethiopia WASH Alliance

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