Sustainable Financing, Scaling Up WASH and Urban Agriculture


Issue no. 26 of the Urban Agriculture Magazine is a collaborative effort of the RUAF Foundation and WASTE, as part of the Dutch WASH Alliance. Articles in this issue explore financing options and linkages in the urban and periurban sector and show that there are similarities in financing sanitation and urban agriculture. They show that bottlenecks related to provision and accessibility of finance can be addressed through a multitude of approaches and avenues, and that sustainable financing includes a mix of finance streams, while entrepreneurs in the sanitation service and value chain require support from authorities and other stakeholders via mechanisms such as strategic partnerships and multi-stakeholder platforms.

Download the Urban Agriculture Magazine here.

You are invited to disseminate this issue among all your contacts and networks. We appreciate your input, support and views on this development.  The next issue of UA Magazine will be on “Contribution of urban agriculture to climate-smart urban development”. More information: RUAF Foundation, René van Veenhuizen, editor,

Rene van Veenhuizen – RUAF Foundation

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