Akvo RSR Up now available in the Google Play Store



We mentioned back in January that we were beta testing an Android mobile application. Well we’re super pleased to announce that we have completed this test run and are ready to launch this to the big wide world!

It’s called Ako RSR Up and is designed and created to Upload project Updates from Android devices.

From today Akvo RSR Up is available in the Google Play store for free. Making it extremely easy and simple to download and install. We’ve made an intructional YouTube video and also provided user documentation within the apps GitHub repository.

Of course, now that the app is launched, work doesn’t stop there – we’ve got a whole host of things to keep adding and refining, from some additional tweaks and changes to improve the user experience related to image orientation and update delivery, to also posting the app on the F-Droid store that will allow users to obtain the app without the need to use a Google account.

We’ll continue to provide updated versions to the stores over the coming weeks so you can automatically get access to the latest changes and features we implement.

If you have feedback on the app, want to make a suggestion or request you can also do this easily via the comments within the Google Play store or within the settings menu of the app itself.

I hope you all enjoy using this as much as we have enjoyed making it.

Adrian Collier is product manager for Akvo RSR

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  1. i think is a well come innovation to support us to post our programs in hoping to have more updated programs for our programs

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