Accelerating WASH

We want to achieve full coverage of WASH for everyone in all countries by 2030. This requires a different mindset: Acceleration is focused on exponential growth of sustainable access to WASH. It is a way of thinking about scale and continuously reducing costs per person.

Doing more with less

To realise sustainable access to WASH services for all, we need to drastically change the way we approach this challenge. We contribute to a shift from a hardware-construction approach towards a sustainable WASH sector development approach. This approach will not only sustain after our programs stop, it will also accelerate and be able to meet the needs of a growing population.

A change in mindset
In the countries in which we are active, we therefore work on changing mindsets and creating systems for sustainable and affordable WASH services that create structural change and can accelerate. This is the only way to adapt to fast population growth and urbanisation.

Accelerating WASH requires a mind-set focused on reaching everyone (‘thinking big’). This encompasses standardisation of products & services, cost efficiency, and using effective multi-stakeholder techniques for lobbying the government, community mobilisation and generating demand.

Working towards the right balance
We facilitate the development of a system in which all stakeholders, such as:
• private sector
• public sector
• organized citizens
• NGOs
work together and know their roles and responsibilities. Finding the right financial blend for our work between donor funds, government funds, impact investors, financial institutions and by households is another guiding principle. With this, we can actually scale up WASH service provision.

Accelerating WASH in the region

Read in the cases how we ‘do more with less’ in our focus countries in Africa and Asia.

Acceleration Case Bangladesh

Acceleration Case Ghana

Acceleration Case Ethiopia

Acceleration Case Uganda

How does it work?

View the videos and find out how acceleration contributes to exponential growth of sustainable access to WASH.