Animation Film on Sanitation – WASH Project Bangladesh


The “Animation Film on Sanitation” is a story of how WASH has an impact on the lives of two brothers. This comparative story shows how using an untidy and unhygienic toilet and having poor hygiene habits can create a long-term effect on the older brother’s family, whereas the younger brother’s family lives a healthy life for using adequate toilet facility and proper hygiene.

The objective of this animation is to raise awareness about the importance of WASH among community people, local government institutions, and school students. To reach this objective, this animation has been shown at schools, WASH committee meetings, at the municipality, at union meetings with local government representative, during special dates observations, and at Uttaran internal stuff meeting.

There is much more to learn in this short animation about the link between our hygiene habits and our own personal health, watch the video to find out what happens!

This animation was produced by Uttaran, implementing partner of WAI WASH SDG programme in Bangladesh and Simavi. The video was shown in several places amongst others schools with the goal to raise awareness and increase sanitation practice level in the community, in local government institutions and in school students.

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