The WASH Alliance Bangladesh (BWA) is one of the partner country alliances of the WASH Alliance International based in the Netherlands. It is an alliance and network of a number of national and international NGOs working on various aspects of accelerating WASH in Bangladesh. BWA is working together with multi-stakeholders towards a society where all people are able to assert and realise their right to sustainable access to safe drinking water in sufficient quantities, adequate sanitation and hygienic living conditions in order to improve their health, nutritional status and economic living standard.

About WASH Alliance Bangladesh

Bangladesh has achieved 87% safe drinking water for its country and 61% of the people have access to improved sanitation. On top of this, only 1% defecates in the open. The 7th Five Year Plan of the GoB has set target to achieve improved sanitation for 100% people in urban and 90% people in rural areas and access to safe water for all by 2021.

Over the last 5 years, the BWA achieved an additional 227,861 people that have access to and use improved sanitation facilities and additional 140,947 people use improved water resources. Per capita WASH delivery cost has reduced from €10 in 2013 to €9 in 2015. BWA has targeted to reduce per capita cost to through accelerating WASH.

BWA partners proved some best practices on WASH service delivery through contributing in functioning WASH market, empowering and organising citizens and functioning WASH public sector. Sanitation entrepreneurship development through market promotion and linking micro finance with producers and buyers contributes in improved sanitation. “Budget tracking” has also yielded in increasing government budget for WASH. Faecal sludge management by involving pit emptier has shown positive results. Low cost sanitary napkin production by the local women entrepreneurs. Women leadership emerged and poor people voice heard.

The WASH Alliance Bangladesh is working as a unique platform as well as a good convenor for the NGOs and civil society organizations for lobby and advocacy.

Alok Kumar Majumder

Country Coordinator

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