The Ghana WASH Alliance (GWA) was established in 2011 with a vision of creating an enabling environment for sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene solutions for marginalised people through strategic partnerships and multi-stakeholder processes.

About WASH Alliance Ghana

To achieve its goal, the GWA began with collaborative efforts amongst NGO’s and civil society organisations working at different levels with diverse expertise with support from our Dutch partners to improve the socio-economic wellbeing of marginalised people.

The strategic focus of the GWA was to concretise the gains in the WASH sector through empowered communities and capacity building of WASH users to continuously and increasingly adopt the Financial, Institutional, Environmental, Technological and Social (FIETS) principles that clearly lays out a strategic approach to delivering WASH for all. This approach is proven to be yielding significant increase and utilisation of WASH services and products by communities where the GWA operates.

We believe that the WASH sector’s financing gap is significant and to surmount the daunting task of achieving total WASH acceleration for all, as envisioned by the global call for sustainable environment, it is seeking deeper collaboration within a multi-stakeholder approach involving the private actors, public sector and civil society organisations.

Partners of GWA include New Energy; Simli AID; Community Live Improvement Programme (CLIP); Presby Water; Aid for Development (AFORD); Wunzalgu Development Association (WUZDA); Ghana Young Artisans Movement (GYAM); Integrated Action for Community Development Project (INTAGRAD), and Urbanet Ghana.

Zakaria Awudu

Country Coordinator

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