The issue of basic WASH services is one of the priorities of the Malian Government. In 2018, the access rate to drinking water (use) was 83.1% at the national level (urban 96.8% and rural 77.2% and the access rate to basic sanitation services is 43.7% at the national level (urban 81.8% and rural 32.8%) (JMP 2019 Mali and EMOP 2018) of which safely managed 19% at the national level, urban 9% and rural 4% (JMP 2017).

About WASH Mali 

The Alliance for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene called Mali WASH Alliance was created in 2012 in accordance with the law N°04 - 038 of August 5th 2004.  It is Civil Society organization consisted of 10 National and International NGO working in WASH sector in Mali. It is a non-profit organization and not political. The Mali WASH Alliance is affiliated to the WASH Alliance International (WAI) based in the Netherlands. The mission and Objectives of Mali WASH Alliance are similar to those of WAI.

The Main Objective of Mali WASH Alliance: Reduced poverty and improved health, environmental and economic conditions by empowering people and creating an enabling environment thus achieving increased sustainable access to and use of safe water and sanitation services and improved hygiene practices for women and marginalised groups.

Bourama Traore

Country Coordinator

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Three strategic approaches guide the actions of MWA:

  1. Adopt an integrated WASH approach,
  2. Consider all five FIETS sustainability principles (Financial, Institutional, Environmental, Technical and Social)
  3. Strengthen CSOs to cooperate and play facilitating role.

Also, it is important to note that the MWA in IWRM and Climate change sector through the implementation of 3R approach (Retention-Recharge-Re-use). Presently the Country Coordinator of Mali WASH Alliance takes part to all the meeting of the Management Committee of the Dams of Selingué and Markala.


List of Mali WASH Alliance partners organization on July 28, 2020

  1. AED: Association d’Entraide et de Développement
  2. ALPHALOG: Association Libre pour la Promotion de l’Habitat et du Logement
  3. AVPIP : Appui pour la Valorisation et la Promotion des Initiatives Privées ;
  4. CAEB: Conseil et Appui pour l’Education à la Base
  5. COFESFA-YT : Collectif des Femmes pour l’Education, la Santé Familiale et l’Assainissement.
  6. GP/EHA: Groupe Pivot/Eau, Hygiè0ne et Assainissement
  7. GRAT: Groupe de Recherches et d’Applications Techniques
  8. NEF: Near East Foundation
  9. WAM: Water Aid Mali
  10. WIM: Wetland International Mali