The WASH Alliance Nepal (WAN) is a consortium established in 2011 with the support of WASH Alliance International to work together with NGOs, government and business on sustainable WASH solutions through a sustainability approach.

About WASH Alliance Nepal

In the WAN 2011-2015 programme, 88.334 additional people gained access to water and 120,000 people gained access to sanitation. Similarly, more than 10 cooperatives are engaged to support in micro financing. We offer the extensive experience of more than 10 partners, working together with local and national governments, involving local cooperatives and communities, and always place sustainability at the heart of our work.

Partners of the WASH Alliance Nepal include:

Biogas Sector Partnership (BSP) Nepal, Federation of Drinking Water and Sanitation Users Nepal (FEDWASUN), Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO), Friends Service Council (FSC) Nepal ( FSCN), Lumanti Support Group for Shelter, Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH), SahakarmiSamaj, Water Resources Management Programme (WARM-P), Helvetas Nepal, SmartPaani and the WASH Resource Centre Network Nepal (WASH-RCNN).

Kalawati Pokharel

Country Coordinator

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