Community based monitoring facilitates WASH behaviour change


WASH SDG WAI Bangladesh program is working to increase the awareness and practice level of the community people in the project area about WASH and to ensure that they will get affordable and equitable WASH services from public and private sectors.

To measure the qualitative improvement of these activities, WASH SDG WAI Bangladesh Subprogramme in Bangladesh uses the community-based monitoring tools, monitor the progress and take the next steps.

Community based monitoring is the self-assessment of the community itself. All members of the committee monitor their own water, sanitation, hygiene, disaster, and gender practices themselves and place them in front of all members of the committee at their practice level. Community-based monitoring activities use pana with pictures and practice level charts. The members of the committee get together and under the leadership of one member they give the bintee (Red Dot) according to their practice level. When the members put the bintee (Red Dot) in the practice level box, all the other members see and give feedback where necessary.

If one’s practice level is not satisfactory then there is a detailed discussion and they commit to improve their position, then the project staff and committee members take the next step for them. Such as: regular follow up, visiting houses in groups, giving necessary advice, connecting /linkage with MFI, Entrepreneur, LGIs and DPHE etc. Family leverage is also collected through community-based monitoring. Community based monitoring has shown an increase in household wash budgets.

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