Cross Country Learning Session – Bangladesh


Cross country learning session - Bangladesh

On 28th October 2021, the WASH SDG-WAI Bangladesh subprogramme has organised the first Online Cross-Country Learning session on “Local Government Engagement in Gender and Inclusive Budget Monitoring Tool.” From Bangladesh, Alok Kumar Majumder, Country Coordinator, WAI lead the learning session with Saskia Geling, Program Manager from Simavi. The Participants were from Bangladesh, Nepal, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania, England and Netherlands took part in the webinar.

One of the WASH SDG implementing partners in Bangladesh, DORP shared about Gender& Inclusive Budget Monitoring Tool as their best practice. Mr Zobair Hasan,Deputy Executive Director of DORP (partner of WAI -Simavi) was the keynote presenter of the tool and elaborated how the tool is used to monitor the government’s WASH budget ensuring WASH services for the women, poor and socially excluded groups. Moreover, two local government representatives Md. Shamsul Haque, Secretary, Barguna Sadar Union and Azizul Haque Swapan, Chairman, Dhalua Union Parishad, shared their experience working with the budget monitoring tool. Besides, a CSO member highlighted the benefit of the tool for the community people as well.

Alok Majumder facilitated the whole session, summarized and thanked all participants with key way forwards of the learning webinar.


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  1. Good morning… I’m so impressed with your work.
    Cleaner environment and good health hygiene has been my priority over time here.. looking at your work across the globe especially in Africa I discovered that Nigeria is not among the designated country you are working on .
    Please l have been working within my own limit to create awerenes and provide clean water sanitation, with the experience as a SDG president during the national youth service corps NYSC is a mandatory service to your nation after graduation from University. I was able to create excessive awerenes and construct toilets facilities and hands washing containers to the Ife North osun State. This community over time suffer alot from open defecation.
    Since then I have been working on this project.. but as an individual l lack capacity to be able to clean up the environment as expected.
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    Please sir I will be looking forward for your response.

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