Granted to accelerate WASH in 2016


January 2016, our alliance* has received great news from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
As the WASH Alliance International, we have been granted 6 million to continue our collaboration in 2016.

In this alliance, we work together with local NGOs, governments and businesses to make sure everyone has sustainable access to water and sanitation. The WASH Alliance International is an international consortium of over 100 partners worldwide.

Accelerating WASH
Together we want to achieve full coverage of water, sanitation and hygiene services for everyone in all our 8 countries by 2030. This requires a different mindset; rather than building infrastructure, we focus on WASH sector development and will put accelerating WASH in practice. Acceleration is focused at exponential growth of sustainable access to WASH. It is a way of thinking about scale and continuously reducing costs per person.

The way forward
We are looking forward to further support our civil society organizations in Africa and Asia in implementing programmes that improve sustainable access to and use of safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. The grant by the Dutch government will be used to diversify our funding base and become internationally recognised, to continue learning and innovating together on WASH sector development and acceleration and at the same time to provide 160.000 people with sanitation and 140.000 with water in 2016.

* Simavi, Akvo, Amref Flying Doctors, RAIN (a brand of Aidenvironment), WASTE, IRC, Wetlands, RUAF, Practica and ICCO.