RAIN is opening up its data to IATI!


For RAIN, as international networking organization aiming to link people and organizations in the field of water harvesting, sharing information open and transparent is key. RAIN has decided to open up and document and publish all its project data according to the IATI standards!

For all members of the Dutch WASH Alliance being open and transparent is very important to be able to share and learn from each other. IATI (International Aid Transparency Initiative) is a standardized format developed to be able to publish data from organizations in the development sector in an open and transparent way. Sharing project data and lessons learned about rainwater harvesting is in the DNA of the organization, so why not be a front-runner in IATI as well? This has made RAIN want to invest in changing its project management procedures and make them more efficient, effective and transparent at the same time.

A new project management system was set-up for which proposal formats where developed. RAIN worked together with Elydian, Akvo and Zimmerman& Zimmerman on the development of this fully IATI compliant project management system. All data entered into the project management system is now IATI compliant.

RAIN has entered its data from its projects in Burkina Faso, Mali, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Nepal and The Netherlands since 2013. All approved projects can now be viewed directly online on www.rainfoundation.org as well as on Akvo RSR, www.washalliance.nl and www.rain4food.net. Anyone who wants to have more insights into RAINs projects can simply go to the projects map, where all project information and latest updates can be accessed easily.

Being a network organization and member of the DWA, RAIN aims to play a large role in changing the water sector towards more effective use of rainwater, creating a larger network through open data sharing is of vital importance. RAIN wants to reach to practitioners, policy and decision makers and the general public from all sectors around the world. Working together, creating change and making rainwater belong to everyone.

RAIN has opened up its data from September 1th of 2014! More information: RAIN