World Water Week 2016


This year World Water Week will take place in Stockholm from August 28th until September 2nd. This conference for WASH professionals from all over the world is to share knowledge and gain insights about their expertise area. As number one event to attract attention to the need of accelerating WASH together, the WWW is the perfect moment to meet, connect and learn.


During the conference we’ll be hosting regional events at our stand under the theme: “Accelerating WASH in...” Each day a different region will be placed in the spotlights to share insights, learnings and best practices on accelerating WASH. The objective of these events is to attract and engage new partners and donors that are active in the specific regions in Asia and Africa. From Monday to Wednesday, visitors are invited to take a seat on the Acceleration Sofa and discuss their personal ‘recipe for acceleration’ with the Country Coordinators from Ethiopia, Mali and Bangladesh. They will share with you how to accelerate WASH in their countries in various, interactive ways.


So if you are in Stockholm this year, join us at one of these events:


Monday: ASIA DAY

Acceleration sofa: Discussions on accelerating WASH through mobilising the public sector in Bangladesh.

All day: Acceleration cases from Bangladesh and Nepal

In the afternoon, WASH Alliance partner RAIN will host the roundtable “Accelerating WASH with land & water – the business approach” with Unilever, from 4:00 – 5:30 PM. During this closed event, key findings and best practices on the business case for land and water will be presented and discussed.



Acceleration sofa: Accelerating WASH through Integrated Resource Management in Mali.

All day: Acceleration cases from Mali and Ghana



Acceleration sofa: The Secret Ingredient to Accelerating WASH in Ethiopia.

All day: Acceleration cases from Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia

Sign up for the acceleration sofa before August 28th by sending an email to:


Thursday: A ‘Sponge’ City called Kajiado in Kenya

On thursday, there will be a interactive seminar poster session by Robert (WAI) from 12:30 – 2:00 PM. The poster presentation is called A ‘Sponge’ City called Kajiado in Kenya, and will take place during the seminar “Water for Sustainable and Inclusive Cities: how to induce change?”. The presentation will offer a link to the overall theme of the WWW and will be part of the interactive electronic poster exhibition.

We kindly invite you for our special programme in the WASH Alliance International stand and join us for sharing ideas: what is your personal acceleration recipe? Learn more about accelerating WASH and come join us in Stockholm: the full World Water Week programme you will find here.


We are looking forward to see you there!


WASH Alliance International

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