Our approach

The WASH Alliance International stands for a shift from hardware-construction approach towards a sustainable service delivery & sector development approach.


Theory of Change

We aim to provide full coverage with sustainable WASH services for all in the areas where we work. To reach this ambition, we use a unique Theory of Change that is built upon three integrated pillars:

  1. Developing a functioning and enabling WASH market, in which the private sector is providing quality products and services at an affordable price.
  2. Developing an enabling public sector for WASH, in which the government takes up its responsibility as duty bearer and creates supportive policies and regulations for sustainable WASH services.
  3. Empower, inform and organize citizens for sustainable WASH: informed citizens will demand sustainable WASH services and practice healthy hygienic behaviour; organised citizens will enforce high quality WASH services from the market; and empowered citizens hold the government accountable for taking up their role as duty bearer.

All members of the WASH Alliance have a crucial role to play in the development of the three pillars, to facilitate cooperation between the three pillars and stimulate that the three pillars are built in a sustainable way.

Learn more about our Theory of Change approach. Download the factsheet.