Social sustainability

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About Social Sustainability

Social sustainability ensures that the appropriate social conditions and prerequisites are realized and sustained.
This way the current and future society is able to create healthy and liveable communities.

Our approach

Social sustainability contributes to sustainable WASH interventions, by ensuring that:

  • Interventions are based on real demand as these will be well embedded in the society, people participate and will feel listened to, leading to a feeling of ownership towards the provided service, leading to a proactive attitude towards solving the demand and keeping it solved.
  • Interventions are fully inclusive for all groups in society (equity) as that will ensure that all groups will benefit and advance in development thereby lessening the potential for internal conflicts.
  • Interventions are based on strategies that are sensitive to local and cultural incentives, as these will be adopted by the society more easily, people can relate to the chosen strategy more easily and are more open to changes if these are based on a positive attitude towards local and cultural practices and behaviours.
  • Interventions are needs-based so solving WASH problems in societies, groups and geographic areas where relatively higher need exist compared to other societies, groups or geographic areas.

Below you can find a complete overview of the Social Sustainability Factsheets.
Download the complete package here or click on the individual factsheets below.

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