Technological sustainability

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About Technological Sustainability

Technological sustainability is about locally appropriate technologies. Technological sustainability of WASH services is reached when the
technology or hardware needed for the services continues to function is maintained, repaired and replaced by local people and it is not
depleting the (natural) resources on which it depends for it’s functioning.

Our approach

We aim to strengthen the capacity of key stakeholders to make informed technology choices; and strengthen the production, construction and maintenance capacities of local providers in order to respond to demands, opportunities and ideas from consumers and investors. In order to apply locally appropriate technologies of high quality, which are context-specific, affordable, durable and demand-driven, we use a twofold approach:

1. Adapt the WASH technologies to the context where they are being used

2. Adapt the context to the technologies needed to deliver the WASH services

Below you can find a complete overview of the Technological Sustainability Factsheets.
Download the complete package here or click on the individual factsheets below.

Technological sutainability in WASH projects

As part of the 'FIETS' strategy

Akvo Flow

Through low-cost handpumps and manual drilling

Co-composting for sustainable urban farming