Leave No One Behind

The WASH Alliance International (WAI) aims for sustainable acceleration through following the “FIETS”, “reaching full coverage” and “leaving no one behind" principles. Aiming for all these aspects have a tendency to create tension as it is easier to accelerate through targeting easy to reach areas, leave out the hard to reach and very poor, etc. The challenge for the WAI is to ensure FIETS sustainable programming that leads to acceleration and not forgetting the S of social; so “Leaving no one behind”.

In order to ensure “Leaving no one behind”, WAI has dedicated one of its learning agenda to this theme. We have developed two main documents to help us improve inclusiveness in our programme and our partner organisations:


1. “Leaving No One Behind Through adopting an Inclusion Lens”: is a document which explains WAI’s ambition on “Leaving no one behind” in our programme and provides background information on inclusion, dimensions of inclusion and exclusion and barriers to achieve inclusion. It also includes a tool to develop “Inclusion Lens” to take into account the important aspects for “leaving no one behind” when designing, implementing and reviewing WASH programmes. Besides country alliances, this tool can be used by any organisation who’d like to implement inclusive WASH programmes.


2. “Organisation Inclusion Assessment Tool”: this tool has been developed to help WASH Alliance and its partner organisations become more inclusive and leaving no one behind, neither in their interventions nor in organisations. This tools looks at eight different “Focus Areas” namely, Leadership and Accountability; Commitment of Resources; Planning, Implementation and Measurement; Services, Citizens and Community Engagement; Human Resource Policies and Practices; Employee Engagement and Education; and Response to Incidents. It also includes suggestions for strategies and activities plan to improve inclusion level of the organisation for each of these Focus Areas. This tool can be used by any organisation that is eager to improve its inclusiveness.


For questions and comments please contact: sara.ahrari@simavi.nl

Leaving No One Behind

Organisation Inclusion Assessment Tool

Guidelines to Organisation Assessment Tool

Strategies to Improve Organisation Inclusiveness

Action Plan Template to Improve Organisations Inclusiveness