Country Coordinator Week 2013

 November 4, 2013post
From the 29th of September until the 4th of October 2013 the Country Coordinator Week (CC Week) t…
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Our week in Benin

 October 2, 2013post
Together with Emeline, I spent last week in Cotonou, the largest city and economical capital of…
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The annual planning for 2013 of the 8 countries in the WASH programme took place in the form of a wo…
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Akvo programmes – Spring 2013

 February 21, 2013post
I thought it would be timely to give everyone an overview of the range of programmes Akvo is suppo…
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L’article lié décrit une formation sur la durabilité financière de programmes eau assa…
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The WASH Alliance comes together

 November 8, 2012post
From the first till the fifth of October 2012 the Country Coordinator Workshop Week took place h…
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